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From The Desk Of Mark Anderson
Tacoma, Wa

If you are stuck turning your wheels and wondering what other building service contractors are doing to achieve higher levels of success. Then I have some news for you and I'm going to be blunt.

At some point they ran into someone who had the experience and knew exactly what to do then showed them how to do it.

The real problem for most business owners is finding someone who; 

1) Is willing to share the processes that are needed.
2) Has the time and will put in the effort to work with you.
3) Has the skill set to deliver the information in a precise way and in a timely fashion that you can easily apply.

Our panel of resident experts possess all of the above which is precisely the reason we created the BrainBox Academy©.

If you’re interested in knowing just what to do to move your business to new heights a little quicker and with fewer costly mistakes, then you’ll want to join our Building Service Contractors BrainBoX Academy©. 
 - Mark Anderson
This Is Your Chance 
The same ones that those successful contractors used to break through existing business roadblocks and experience the growth that they set out to achieve. 
 “You Can't Teach A Kid To Ride A Bike In A Seminar.”
- David Sandler 
The BSC  Brain-BoX Academy © takes you far beyond just learning something at a seminar or class. 
 You won’t move your business forward by merely reading a book, listening to a tape, watching YouTube, or taking a class.

You must get in there first hand and work with someone who knows how to do it. Then get out and put the principals to work and be accountable for results if you want to profit from it. 
We have combined the three most potent mastering techniques. 
    LEARN - Every other week a new concept that is critical to business growth is introduced to you by our team using a webinar format. 

IMPLEMENT - You'll get worksheets to customize the concept and immediately put it to work in your business. 
CRITIQUE - At the end of the week you send back your report about what you’ve done and how it’s worked out so far.
Our goal is to help you act and then keep fine-tuning into A consistent part of your systems. We’ll hold your feet to the fire
that’s our promise.
Over The Next 6 Months
You’ll be exposed to the best critical strategic systems, processes, and tactics that can put you in the driver’s seat to exceeding your goals. 
Here are just a few of the must-know topics that we are going to continuously cover to set you on the road for generating higher revenues and more profitability.
Get And Keep Only The Best People
  •  Systems for Getting Superior Employees
  •  Processes for Keeping Your Best Employees Longer
  •  Motivating Your People to Be More Productive
  •  Systematic Training Programs that produce consistent results
Build a magnet To attract your best customers
  •   Increase Your Lead Generation
  •   Stand Out from Your Competition 
  •   Tell an Interesting Story Your Readers Want to Hear 
turn on your marketing  Machine
  •   Create A Dynamite One Page Marketing & Sales Plan
  •   Automate Your Marketing & Sales Activities  
  •   Turn More Proposals into Closed Sales 
  •  Discover What Prospects Really Want from You 
Properly structure your business for growth 
  •  Your Organizational Structure For Growth – The Systems And Processes You Must Have
  •  How to Identify Potentials Leaders in Your Company and Why You Need Them? 
  •  Will Your Best Cleaner Make an Effective Supervisor? How Will You Know?  
grow new revenues from your current clients 
  •   Strategies for Selling More to Your Current Clients
  •   How to Get Your Customers to Stick with You Longer  
  •  Designing A Customer Loyalty Program That Can Drive New Business 
financial intelligence and forecasting
  •   Why You Can’t Survive Without It
  •   Solving the Mystery of the Income Statement 
  •   The Three Critical Reports You Must Understand 
  •   Budgeting – The Necessary Evil!  
What Makes This Program
SO Effective?
You’re not on this journey alone
BSC Brain-BoX© provides you with ample support to ensure that you have multiple exposures to the material, are accountable for weekly progress, and successfully putting the strategies to work in your business.

Each week, one or all our team (Ed Selkow, Sharon Cowan, or Mark Anderson) will be there to conduct a 60-minute live session. These sessions will consist of one or a mix of the following developmental processes.
  • Q & A of live and pre-submitted questions on the key topics
  • Discussion and Critique of submitted work
  • Problem-solving hot seat with one of our selected members
  • Live interviews with members of our expert panel
You'll enjoy access to the brainpower of an entire group working through the same strategies with you at the same time. You not only get to see what others do but also get their feedback on what you are doing and how you could improve it to be even better. 

The power and support of an entire group are right there working for you. Everyone is learning, sharing the best ideas, and moving forward together. 
So Who Is Running This Show?
Our Janitorial Growth Solutions Resident Expert Panel 
Ed Selkow
Has built and sold a multi-million dollar cleaning company. In addition to that has generated hundreds of millions in new contracts for national companies as a C-suite executive and years of private consulting
Listen To An Audio Interview With Ed
Sharon Cowan, CBSE
Has built and sold a multi million dollar cleaning company. She has helped many others do the same over the decades as a private Coach/Speaker/Skills Developer to cleaning service companies
Listen To An Audio Interview With Sharon
Mark Anderson
Has built and sold an eight figure facility services company. Over $100,000,000 of contract services sold in 40 years of business. Developed five branches all over a million dollars in annual revenue
Listen To An Audio Interview With Mark
What Other Owners Just Like You Have Said
the power to learn and get more done
Can’t make the live session?
Don’t worry you won’t miss a thing. Each session will be recorded for download and replay at your convenience.
What If You Have More questions?
There will be an Ask & Answer Secret Facebook Group for all our members. This is where you can get your questions answered anytime by Ed, Sharon, or Mark. The great thing here is that anybody in the group can provide additional insights from their experience as well. 
This is your defining moment
The decision is now.
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Most groups offering this level of training and support charge anywhere from $295 to $495 PER MONTH. Even at that price they are considered a bargain for the return on investment they can deliver when the members use the material. We’ve assembled a limited introductory offer that is totally unheard of for something of this level. 
This Special Pricing Offer Expires In
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